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Commercial waste collection providers in Chester

Cheshire, a county steeped in rich history and stunning landscapes, is renowned for its cheese-making heritage. Since Roman times, the county has produced the world-famous Cheshire cheese.

Nestled within this picturesque county is the historic Chester, with its Roman walls and medieval architecture, and the charming town of Macclesfield, known for its silk heritage and scenic countryside.

Businesses in Cheshire enjoy a variety of choices for their commercial waste services. Our team of specialists in business waste has created a list showcasing the top waste providers in the Chester region.

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<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Gaskells Waste</a></h3>

Gaskells Waste

Established in 1991 and family-run, Gaskells Waste operates its own material recovery facility in Liverpool, enabling efficient commercial waste collection, disposal, and treatment of your business waste. Businesses in Chester can rely on Gaskells Waste for dry-mixed recycling, electronic recycling, cardboard recycling, and general waste collections.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">The Rubbish Removers</a></h3>

The Rubbish Removers

With its head office in Dukinfield, Cheshire, the family-run Rubbish Removers brings over 20 years of experience to the commercial waste industry. They offer commercial waste collection, commercial recycling, and commercial waste disposal. Over 90% of their waste is diverted from landfill, and they also make donations to local charities of “too-good to-bin” items.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Circle Waste</a></h3>

Circle Waste

Circle Waste was born from a passion to be the friendliest company in the waste management industry. With over 20 years of experience, they offer businesses in Cheshire a partnership rather than just a service. They help customers not only with commercial recycling collection but also help companies reduce their waste costs and their environmental impact.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Envirocare North West</a></h3>

Envirocare North West

Based in Nantwich, Cheshire, Envirocare North West provides businesses in Chester and Macclesfield with specialised commercial recycling and hazardous waste collection services. With over 30 years of industry experience, they offer state-of-the-art commercial waste bins upon signup, ensuring efficient and tailored waste management solutions for businesses in the region.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">CAD Recycling</a></h3>

CAD Recycling

CAD recycling is a Wales based waste provider that also extends its services to businesses in South Cheshire, including Chester and Macclesfield. They have 13 years of experience in the industry and offer commercial recycling and waste disposal services to businesses like the Cheese Wedge in the heart of Chester.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Biffa</a></h3>


Biffa is one the UK’s biggest commercial waste providers; it has recycled over 130 kilotons of plastic since its business started. Biffa offers customers in Chester and Macclesfield commercial waste collection for hazardous waste, commercial recycling, and food waste, among others. The closest depot to Chester is in Bromborough, located in Wirral.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Veolia</a></h3>


Veolia is also one of the largest commercial waste providers in the UK. Providing customers in Cheshire with commercial waste recycling services. They have a waste facility in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, which specialises in high-temperature incineration of hazardous materials and treatment of Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLW).

Commercial waste collection with Cheshire Borough Councils

Cheshire consists of four borough councils, each functioning independently regarding commercial waste management.

Our experts have compiled a useful guide outlining the services offered by each council in Cheshire.

CouncilCommercial Waste Collection service?More information
Cheshire EastYesCheshire East recommends commercial waste collection through Ansa, their residential waste partner.
Cheshire West and ChesterNo
Halton Borough CouncilNo
Warrington CouncilYesWarrington Council offers its own commercial waste collection service.

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Commercial recycling centres in Chester

Cheshire West and Chester Council previously operated a dedicated trade waste recycling centre at Bumpers Lane, however, due to insufficient use, it ceased operations in April 2022.

Source: Cheshire West and Chester Council

Businesses needing to dispose of commercial waste can utilise the private waste transfer centre owned by Henshaws Waste Management, located at:

150 Moss Lane, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 7XF.

They accept all waste, including green, wood, metal, soil, hardcore, plastic and general waste.

⚠️ Businesses transporting waste must be registered with a waste carrier licence. Register a carrier licence here

The waste transfer station above will provide you with a Waste Transfer Note for any business waste you bring, allowing your company to demonstrate its compliance with commercial waste regulations.

Commercial waste collection services in Chester

Nestled along the serene banks of the River Dee, Chester has an enchanting blend of ancient history and modern charm. As one of England’s best-preserved walled cities, Chester boasts a treasure trove of architectural marvels, including its iconic Tudor-style buildings and imposing Roman walls.

Even local museums must pay to dispose of their general waste and recycling.

By entering your postcode above, our experts can gather quotes for various commercial waste collection services for organisations in the Cheshire, Chester, and Macclesfield areas.

<h3 id="Recycling">Commercial recycling services in Chester</h3>

Commercial recycling services in Chester

In 2022/23, according to LG Inform, Cheshire West and Chester achieved a recycling, reuse, and composting rate of 54% for household waste, 16% higher than the average English borough.

Chester businesses can also play a role in maintaining this high recycling rate by utilising the services of the providers listed above for commercial dry-mixed recycling, cardboard recycling and glass recycling.

<h3 id="hazardous">Hazardous waste collection in Chester</h3>

Hazardous waste collection in Chester

In Chester, local businesses such as Unilever often encounter chemicals and solvents in their manufacturing process, necessitating proper disposal of hazardous waste.

By engaging a hazardous waste provider, businesses in Chester can benefit from ensuring legal compliance, guaranteeing safety, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Expert handling of hazardous waste ensures strict adherence to environmental regulations, minimising environmental footprint. The providers above can help you with your hazardous waste needs.

<h3>Commercial food waste collection in Chester</h3>

Commercial food waste collection in Chester

Establishments like the Michelin-starred restaurant Da Noi in Chester are recommended to partner with a food waste specialist to collect their food waste efficiently.

Commercial food waste partnerships ensure compliance with waste disposal regulations, helping businesses avoid fines and penalties. Moreover, food waste collection initiatives contribute to environmental sustainability by diverting organic waste from landfills and reducing methane emissions.

Chester Zoo Waste Management

Nestled in the heart of Chester, Chester Zoo is one of the UK’s most cherished wildlife attractions. With a legacy of over 90 years, this award-winning zoo offers visitors a captivating journey through over 35 acres of carefully crafted habitats.

In addition to directly caring for animals such as the Tapir, which is recorded as endangered on its Red List of Threatened Species, Chester Zoo commits to addressing the environmental impact of all its operations, including waste.

The Chester Zoo waste strategy applies the principles of a circular economy, focusing on waste prevention, reduction, reuse, and recycling.

By 2030, Chester Zoo aspires to become a zero-waste operation within its direct operational influence, excluding residual waste. This initiative encompasses activities on the zoo site and its landholdings, including materials from the supply chain.

Their objective is to achieve this by:

  • Reducing waste production by efficiently utilising resources and encouraging suppliers to minimise purchased waste.
  • Enhancing resource recovery through responsible consumption, prevention, reduction, reuse, and recycling practices.
  • Striving to minimise reliance on incineration and landfill for waste disposal, opting for alternative methods whenever feasible.

Source: Chester Zoo Sustainability Policy