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cooking-oil-waste Waste cooking oil disposal

Waste cooking oil is inevitable in any business with a kitchen, and the latest regulations require them to arrange for its separate collection and recycling. Dumping it down the drain or simply disposing of it in the general or food waste bin can lead to hefty fines if caught by your regulator. But don’t fret;…

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What is commercial waste What is classed as commercial waste?

‘Commercial waste’ is a common phrase in the waste industry, so much so that we’ve incorporated it into the name of our company. A lot of people are confused about what is classified as commercial waste and why it matters. The primary importance is: Local councils in Britain must collect and dispose of household waste…

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landfill-environmental-impacts Why are landfills bad for the environment?

Landfills are a necessary evil. No one wants to live next to one, yet they are needed to keep excess waste away from our streets and countryside. The famous phrase: “We can’t live with them, but we can’t live without them.” very much applies. Fortunately, we may soon see the end of it thanks to…

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black_mass Black mass recycling

When we talk about ‘black mass’, we’re not referring to the 2015 Hollywood blockbuster nor the religious ceremony of satanic cults. In a commercial recycling context, ‘black mass’ is the latest valuable commodity from the circular economy. It’s made of crushed and shredded leftovers from the battery industry that contain the right metals in the…

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dentist-amalgam Dental amalgam waste

⚠️ Waste-no-more: Amalgam waste may soon disappear from the UK due to an EU ban that will take effect as early as January 1, 2025. This ban will affect Northern Ireland’s dentistry practices and, as an extension, the rest of the UK. Read more here. Dental amalgam has been used since the 1830s and is…

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Waste_Shipment UK waste exports: A missed opportunity?

Most people do not know that the UK exports over 10 million tonnes of waste annually, including hard-to-recycle plastics, metal scraps, refuel-derived fuels, electronic waste, etc. That is about 5% of all the waste generated in the UK by weight! While this sounds like we’re just passing on a problem elsewhere (which is sometimes the…

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