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Commercial waste collection providers in Cardiff

In Cardiff, the local council offers extensive waste collection services to businesses, so there are only limited options for private commercial waste collection providers.

However, our specialist team has identified the top business waste providers in the Cardiff area, offering reliable and efficient waste management solutions for local companies.

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<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Ethical Waste Management and Removals</a></h3>

Ethical Waste Management and Removals

Ethical Waste Management was set up in response to combat fly-tipping and to help businesses in Cardiff to dispose of their waste sustainably and responsibly.

EWM are a fully licenced higher-tier waste carrier providing commercial waste collection services for a variety of sectors, including retail, healthcare and food and beverage.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Smiths</a></h3>


Smiths was established in 1982 and is known for its expertise in waste management and construction services throughout Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

This family-run business offers a range of services, including waste management, skip hire, transport, plant hire, construction, and demolition. Their approach is driven by a strong community culture and a dedication to meeting customer needs with reliability.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Trikon</a></h3>


Trikon CWS have over a decade of experience in waste management – offering comprehensive waste collection solutions in Cardiff.

Committed to safety, accountability, and legal compliance, strives for excellence in its services, emphasising innovation in the waste industry. Aiming to change perceptions about waste and sustainability by employing technology for continual process improvement.

Commercial waste collection with Cardiff City Council

Cardiff City Council offer a range of commercial waste collection services through their “Trade Waste” brand. The Council’s services are opened to businesses of all sizes, and collections run seven days a week.

Services include general waste, recycling, food waste, skip hire and event waste collection.

Source: Cardiff Council Trade Waste

Commercial waste recycling centres in Cardiff

Business waste can be disposed of at Cardiff City Council’s Bessemer Close waste recycling centre. Bessemer Close caters primarily to small and medium enterprises but is available to all commercial businesses.

Cardiff City Council offers a paid disposal service for local businesses at the following transfer station:

Bessemer Close accepts the following types of commercial waste:

  • General Waste
  • Green/Garden Waste
  • Hardcore
  • Mineral Oils
  • Wood
  • Plasterboard
  • Cardboard
  • Scrap Metal
  • Fridges – Commercial
  • Tyres

Sources: Cardiff City Council, Cardiff City Council – Cardiff Trade Waste

⚠️ Businesses that transport their waste must be registered with a waste carrier licence. Register a carrier licence here.

The waste transfer station above will provide you with a Waste Transfer Note for any business waste you bring, allowing your company to demonstrate its compliance with commercial waste regulations.

Cardiff Council commercial waste disposal costs

Below are the current costs of business waste disposal at the Bessemer Close recycling centre:

Material streamPrice per tonne (excluding VAT)​Minimum c​harge (excluding VAT)
General waste£185250kg: ​£38.75
Hardcore and rubble£55*​250kg: £12.50
Wood£90*​250kg: £22.50
Garden waste£71.50​250kg: £16.25
Plasterboard£121*​250kg: £27.50
Scrap metalFree*​Free
Tyres: car (per unit)£11-
​​Tyres: tractor (per unit)​£55-
Oils (mineral, engine, vegetable)£440​£100
Commercial fridge (per unit)£110*-
​Vehicle weigh-in service​£22 per vehicle-

Commercial waste collection services in Cardiff

Discover various commercial waste collection services in Cardiff through our expertly gathered quotes which offer the following commercial waste collection services:

Commercial recycling services in Cardiff

Cardiff’s commercial recycling services are integral to the city’s sustainable development goals, aligning with Wales’ ambitious recycling and environmental policies.

These services play a vital role in segregating and recycling business waste, reducing landfill usage and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility in the local business community.

For further details on commercial recycling, explore our commercial recycling collection and dry mixed waste recycling.

Hazardous waste collection in Cardiff

Hazardous waste collection in Cardiff is crucial for safeguarding public health and the environment in this densely populated Welsh capital.

Ensuring safe and compliant disposal of materials like chemicals, asbestos, and medical waste – plays a key role in maintaining the city’s environmental integrity.

Companies such as PHS and Initial help Cardiff’s commitment to sustainability in line with Wales’ progressive environmental policies

  • PHS – Specialising in hazardous waste solutions in Cardiff, PHS, offers a comprehensive hazardous waste service. Catering to a wide range of sectors, ensuring safe, compliant disposal of hazardous materials.
  • Initial – Based in Cardiff Initial offers a range of hygiene and hazardous waste solutions – with services across the whole of Northern Wales. They are experts in clinical waste disposal, catering to various sectors – including healthcare and education.

Commercial skip hire in Cardiff

For efficient and responsible disposal of large volumes of waste, especially during construction and large-scale clean-up projects.

It ensures that waste is managed in compliance with devolved regulations and provides a convenient and cost-effective solution to handle your waste management needs.

Here are we would like to highlight two reputable skip hire companies in the Cardiff area:

  • Caerphilly Skips – Caerphilly Skips offers a wide range of skip-hire services in Cardiff. Standing out with their unique ‘Wait & Load’ service. They offer efficient services and rapid same-day delivery with a variety of skip sizes at a competitive price. Specialising in hassle-free and efficient waste removal, they are a reliable choice for various waste disposal requirements.
  • Cardiff Skips – Cardiff Skips offer competitive pricing with a commitment to match or beat genuine quotes, ensuring affordability alongside reliable service. With a range of skip-hire services in Cardiff and South Wales, they provide many solutions for your business waste needs. They pride themselves on rapid same-day delivery and various skip sizes, catering to different waste removal requirements.

Commercial food waste collection in Cardiff

Commercial food waste collection in Cardiff is crucial in reducing landfill usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

This supports local businesses in the Cardiff area to adhere to environmental regulations and sustainability goals, fostering a greener, more eco-conscious community.

Two food waste collection services to consider in Cardiff are Olleco and Keenan Recycling.

  • Olleco – A leader in providing renewable solutions for Cardiff’s food and hospitality sectors. They specialise in collecting used cooking oil and food waste, converting these into renewable fuels like biodiesel and biomethane. Their standout feature is their commitment to a circular economy, reducing the carbon footprint of their services by combining delivery and collections – perfectly poised with Wales’ Net Zero waste initiative by 2050. Their  Newport site on Felnex Industrial Estate is responsible for food waste collection in Cardiff.
  • Keenan Recycling – Keenan Recycling in Cardiff offers over 20 years of experience in sustainable food waste recycling services. They provide customised solutions, converting food waste into renewable energy through Anaerobic Digestion plants. A unique feature is their technology for individual bin weighing, providing immediate reporting and analysis.

Commercial electronic waste disposal in Cardiff

Commercial electronic waste is vital for preventing harmful substances from electronics, including heavy metals and chemicals, from contaminating the environment.

Enabling the recycling of valuable materials supports the circular economy and reduces the demand for raw materials in manufacturing new products.

Here are two expert providers we recommend:

  • Envirocraft – delivers a range of recycling disposal services to commercial customers in and around Cardiff, specialising particularly in WEEE recycling. EnviroCraft is committed to environmental sustainability and aims to achieve a more environmentally friendly and sustainable working practice for WEEE recycling with their project S.W.I.T.C.H.
  • Yes Waste – offers specialised electrical waste disposal services in Cardiff – ensuring responsible recycling, refurbishment, or destruction of collected items. A strong commitment to data security and environmental compliance when providing convenient removal of a wide range of electronic items. The free collection of bulk grade A IT waste makes them a cost-effective option for businesses.

National waste collection providers operating in Cardiff

Cardiff’s top commercial waste providers use specialised local facilities to offer services to businesses citywide. Below is an overview of their services and locations in Cardiff.

Biffa’s commercial waste collections in Cardiff

Biffa offers extensive waste management solutions in Wales for businesses of all sizes.

Their services include commercial waste collection and disposal, recycling, hazardous waste treatment, food waste recycling, skip delivery and collection, asbestos disposal, and unplanned waste disposal.

They emphasise sustainability, working with the Welsh Government on waste legislation, and have a strong presence throughout Wales.

In 2022, Biffa Wales managed 1,202 tonnes of plastic and handled over 1.4 million tonnes of waste. Biffa operates two waste facilities in Cardiff: a depot in Roath Docks and a transfer station on Curran Embankment.

Website – Biffa Wales

Veolia’s commercial waste collections in Cardiff

Veolia provides low-cost waste collection services in Cardiff, catering to industries like schools and retail.

Their services are designed to maximise recycling and aim to reduce costs. Veolia offers various bin sizes for waste types such as food, glass, paper, cardboard, and mixed recycling.

Veolia’s commercial waste depot is located in Pontypridd.

Veolia supports Wales’ Zero Waste goals for 2050 through the ‘Wales to Zero Waste‘ initiative. The initiative aims to make Wales a zero-waste nation by 2050.

A key aspect of the initiative is requiring all non-domestic premises in Wales to separate recyclables into specific categories. It also focuses on enhancing business efficiency and environmental performance via increased recycling.

Website – Veolia Cardiff, Veolia Zero Waste Wales

Commercial waste management at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium

Initially built for the 1999 Rugby World Cup, Cardiff’s Principality Stadium is now a model of sustainable event management. After recognising the poor sustainability of its original systems, the stadium established a sustainability policy in 2010.

Objectives include enhancing operational sustainability and improving sustainable practice communication. Strategies involved waste segregation for recycling, upgrading systems for energy efficiency, and implementing a rainwater harvesting system.

These initiatives reduced their carbon footprint and notably improved environmental, social, and economic impacts.

Its commitment to sustainability is shown by its BS 8901 certification, marking it as the UK’s first sustainable event stadium.

Source: Principality Stadium