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Commercial waste collection providers in Manchester

Business owners in Greater Manchester have many choices when it comes to commercial waste collection providers.

This guide aims to summarise Manchester’s best waste services to help businesses choose their next commercial waste provider.

We cover:

And our summary of top trusted local commercial waste providers:

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Brantlegh</a></h3>


Brantlegh, a Salford-based company, began its operations by focusing on residential waste and aiming to enhance the fortnightly collections provided by the local council. Since then, Brantlegh has grown significantly and now offers commercial waste management services throughout the UK.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">FreshStart</a></h3>


FreshStart is a family-run waste provider serving the Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, and Lancashire areas. They are dedicated to offering a low-carbon commercial waste service, achieved by minimising the use of landfills and operating a carbon capture programme.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">B&M Waste Services</a></h3>

B&M Waste Services

B&M Waste Services provides commercial recycling and waste management solutions across Manchester city centre, Bolton, Bury, Stockport, Oldham, and Warrington. The company is a past winner of the ‘Customer-Focused Manchester Business of the Year’ award.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Kenny Waste Management</a></h3>

Kenny Waste Management

Kenny Waste Management was established in Worsley 30 years ago. They focus on commercial waste prevention and recycling to divert waste from landfills, and they proudly achieve a 99% recovery and recycling rate for waste processed at their Worsley facility.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Lavelle Waste Services</a></h3>

Lavelle Waste Services

Lavelle Waste Services offers commercial waste collections across Greater Manchester and Lancashire and provides an onsite commercial waste audit for all new customers to deliver a truly tailored service. Lavelle collaborates with Bio-Bean to offer a unique coffee grounds recycling service.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Ash Waste Services</a></h3>

Ash Waste Services

Ash Waste Services is certified carbon-neutral by the Carbon Neutral Organisation. Ash provides complete waste solutions for Manchester businesses, including commercial waste storage, collection, transportation, business waste disposal, and compliance certification.

Manchester City Council Commercial Waste Disposal

Manchester City Council does not provide commercial waste collection services for businesses. Instead, businesses must engage local or national commercial waste providers.

Businesses are strictly prohibited from using public recycling centres for waste disposal. However, the council operates eight public waste transfer stations where businesses can legally dispose of their waste for a fee.

Source: Manchester City Council – Commercial Waste Collections

Commercial recycling centres in Manchester

National waste provider Suez operates eight public waste transfer stations in Manchester, where businesses can deliver and dispose of their waste. The locations are as follows:

  • Arkwright Street, Oldham, OL9 9LZ
  • Bayley Street, Stalybridge, SK15 1PZ
  • Bredbury Park Way, Bredbury, SK6 2SN
  • Chichester Street, Rochdale, OL16 2AU
  • Cobden Street, Salford, M6 6NA
  • Every Street, Bury, BL9 5BE
  • Salford Road, Bolton, BL5 1DG
  • Longley Lane, Sharston, Gatley, M22 4RQ

Source: Recycle for Greater Manchester

The waste transfer stations above will provide you with a Waste Transfer Note for any business waste you bring, allowing your company to demonstrate its compliance. However, it is mandatory to wear appropriate PPE when visiting these sites.

⚠️ Businesses that transport their own waste must be registered with a waste carrier licence. Register a carrier licence here.

Greater Manchester commercial waste disposal costs

The table below shows the commercial waste costs for delivering waste to the Greater Manchester commercial waste transfer stations.

CategoryUnit of MeasurePriceMin price (500KG)
Duty of care12 month certiicate£2.24N/A
Public check/weighEach£15.12N/A
Certificate of destructionEach£70.75N/A
Confidential waste paperTonne£301.03£150.51
Scrap metalTonneFreeFree
Trade confidentialTonne£583.82£291.91

Source: Recycle for Greater Manchester – January 2024

Business waste in Manchester

Manchester combines its industrial history with modern technology, making it an appealing tourist destination and a vibrant business hub.

Notable landmarks such as Manchester Cathedral and the renovated Salford Quays showcase the city’s past, attracting visitors interested in its industrial roots.

Institutions like the University of Manchester play a major role in supporting the local economy.

This section discusses the waste management services that support Manchester’s key sectors.

<h3>Pubs waste management Manchester</h3>

Pubs waste management Manchester

Pubs like The Marble Arch, nestled in Manchester’s historic neighbourhoods, produce various waste streams, including glass, mixed recycling, and food scraps.

Proper waste management is crucial, especially during large events like the Manchester Food and Drink Festival, held annually in October.

Implementing specific practices for sorting and recycling glass, paper, and organic materials is key to minimising these events’ environmental footprint.

<h3>Restaurant waste management Manchester</h3>

Restaurant waste management Manchester

Businesses like The Wharf restaurant, located on Slate Warf in Manchester, rely on commercial waste collections to maintain clean premises and adhere to health regulations.

Restaurants in this area generate waste, including food waste, packaging materials, and recyclable items like glass and cardboard.

In Manchester, commercial waste collection providers tailor their services to provide dependable and efficient restaurant waste management solutions.

<h3>Office waste management Manchester</h3>

Office waste management Manchester

Manchester hosts several major office-based companies, such as The Co-operative Group, in the NOMA district.

While office settings produce less waste than manufacturing sectors, they still accumulate considerable amounts of confidential documents, paper, packaging materials, and recyclables.

In Manchester, tailored office waste collection services provide secure disposal of sensitive materials, ensuring businesses meet data protection standards and adhere to the Data Protection Act.

<h3>Gym waste management Manchester</h3>

Gym waste management Manchester

Gyms in Manchester, including popular venues like The Gym Group in Spinningfields, handle a unique range of waste materials daily.

Aside from the usual recyclables, such as plastic water bottles and protein shake containers, gyms also deal with specific waste, such as worn-out exercise equipment, rubber mats, and textiles from used towels and staff uniforms.

To manage this effectively, waste collection services in Manchester are tailored specifically for gyms. These services help recycle common materials and provide solutions for adequately disposing of bulky items and particular waste like gym equipment.

<h3>Event waste management Manchester</h3>

Event waste management Manchester

Manchester has a dynamic cultural scene and hosts regular events, which requires efficient event waste management solutions.

The city hosts everything from sprawling music festivals at Heaton Park to professional gatherings at the Central Convention Complex, producing diverse waste streams like food scraps, plastic packaging, decorative materials, and disposable tableware.

Commercial waste providers in Manchester provide specialised waste management services designed for events. These services focus on enhancing recycling efforts and minimising the amount of waste sent to landfills.

<h3>Manufacturing waste management Manchester</h3>

Manufacturing waste management Manchester

Manchester, home to manufacturing giants like Siemens and Kellogg’s, faces unique waste management challenges. Local factories produce specialised waste streams that necessitate meticulous handling.

Waste management providers in Manchester tailor their services to accommodate the specific needs of these industries. For instance, Siemens, focusing on electronic and engineering products, generates electronic waste and metal scraps, while Kellogg’s produces organic waste from food processing and considerable amounts of plastic packaging.

Manchester’s manufacturing sector also requires the safe disposal of hazardous chemical byproducts and other industrial wastes, each demanding specific disposal techniques to ensure environmental safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

National waste collection providers operating in Manchester

The three largest UK commercial waste providers all offer services to businesses in Manchester, utilising their own local waste facilities. Our waste experts have summarised what each of these providers do in the Greater Manchester area:

Biffa’s commercial waste collections in Manchester

Biffa provides commercial waste services throughout the North West of England, including the Greater Manchester area. To facilitate these local services, Biffa operates from several locations within the M60 motorway:

  • Clifton Hall Landfill Site – Lumms Lane, Swinton.
  • Trafford Park Mixed Recycling Centre – Trafford Wharf Road, Stretford
  • Gorton Waste Station – Hammerstone Road, Openshaw

In 2021, Biffa launched a fleet of electric waste vehicles in partnership with Manchester City Council. This initiative aims to reduce nitrogen dioxide levels in the city’s air and is part of a broader effort to halve Manchester’s carbon footprint by 2025.

Website – Biffa’s Manchester EVs, Biffa’s operations in the North West.

Veolia’s commercial waste collections in Manchester

Veolia operates commercial waste collection services across Manchester out of their depot on Nash Road, Trafford Park.

Veolia’ has a partnership with Manchester City Football Club, which focuses on enhancing the club’s environmental performance and minimising its ecological impact. The collaboration involves comprehensive waste management at the club’s Etihad Stadium, emphasising recycling and converting non-recyclable waste into energy for local homes.

Website – Veolia Manchester City Recycling Academy.

Suez commercial waste collection in Manchester

Alongside offering commercial waste collection services to businesses throughout Manchester, Suez also holds the contract for providing public waste transfer stations in the area.

In collaboration with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Suez operates The Renew Hub – the UK’s largest re-use operation. This initiative focuses on repurposing items such as furniture, toys, and electronics, which are collected from donation containers across Greater Manchester.

These items are refurbished and sold at affordable prices through Renew shops and an eBay page. To date, over 130,000 items have been sold, greatly benefiting local communities. Moreover, furniture is provided free of charge to charities supporting those in need in the region.

Website – Suez Renew Hub Manchester

Commercial recycling in Manchester

Once celebrated for its textile manufacturing and trading history, Manchester has become a hub for diverse modern industries, including digital technology, finance, biotechnology, and creative arts.

As these sectors expand, the necessity for efficient commercial waste services intensifies.

Our team specialises in providing quotes for commercial waste collection services specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses in Manchester.

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<h3>Commercial electronic waste disposal in Manchester</h3>

Commercial electronic waste disposal in Manchester

Technology businesses in Manchester, such as Siemens, utilise Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) commercial waste providers to adhere to the growing set of WEEE regulations.

These specialised providers are equipped to safely manage hazardous materials found in electronic waste and offer secure data destruction services to safeguard sensitive information contained within devices.

<h3>Hazardous waste collection in Manchester</h3>

Hazardous waste collection in Manchester

Manchester’s key industries, such as chemicals and textiles, involve businesses like BASF, headquartered in nearby Stockport, frequently deal with chemicals and solvents during manufacturing, requiring meticulous management of hazardous waste.

By partnering with a hazardous waste provider, Manchester’s businesses can ensure they remain legally compliant, guarantee safety, and boost operational efficiency.

Professional handling of hazardous waste ensures compliance with strict environmental regulations, effectively minimising the environmental footprint.

<h3>Confidential waste disposal in Manchester</h3>

Confidential waste disposal in Manchester

Manchester’s professionals and law that manage confidential waste, such as Slater and Gordon on Bridgewater St, require a confidential waste collection service to securely handle and dispose of sensitive documents and data, ensuring compliance with the UK’s Data Protection Act.

Confidential waste collection services in Manchester help prevent data breaches and identity theft by offering secure shredding and disposal solutions safeguarding corporate and client information.

University of Manchester waste management

The University of Manchester is the third-largest university in the UK and is a prominent public research university located south of Manchester City Centre. It is a major educational and research hub, attracting over 46,000 students and 5,000 academic professionals.

The University of Manchester has published its overall waste management strategy, which focuses on the principles of the waste hierarchy: avoid, reduce, reuse, and recycle, prioritising waste reduction at the source.

Their Sustainable Procurement Action Plan commits to altering purchasing behaviours, favouring circular economy practices over linear models, and promoting the reuse and refurbishment of products. The university operates a furniture reuse store, repurposing unwanted furniture for staff, students, and charitable causes, diverting significant amounts of waste annually.

Source: University of Manchester – Our waste and where it goes

For more information, check out our page on waste management in schools.