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Commercial waste collection providers in Nottingham

Nottingham, a vibrant city steeped in history, is nestled in the heart of England. Nottingham is renowned for its tales of mediaeval knights, legendary outlaws, and literary heroes.

In this guide, we explore commercial waste collection options for businesses that call Nottingham their home.

Businesses in Nottingham can utilise the services of several national commercial waste collection providers as well as Nottingham City Council for their commercial waste collection services.

Our experts have compiled the following list of the top waste providers that offer their services to Nottingham businesses.

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<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Biffa</a></h3>


Biffa provides a range of services to businesses in Nottingham, covering general waste collection, dry-mixed recycling, hazardous waste disposal, and commercial food waste collections.

Biffa has a recycling centre in Colwick just off the River Trent, reducing the carbon footprint of waste collection for businesses in Nottingham.

In 2022 alone, Biffa managed to collect 6 million tonnes of waste and processed over 50,000 tonnes of recycling across the East Midlands. Impressively, they diverted 90.6% of this waste away from landfills.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Ward</a></h3>


Ward is a commercial waste collection provider founded in 1940 and is currently steered by its fourth-generation of family members.

Over the course of the past 80 years, they have grown to be a nationwide provider.

Ward offers commercial collection services for dry-mixed recycling and and hazardous materials and specialises in metal collection. Presently, Ward boasts a workforce of over 400 individuals and a fleet of more than 100 vehicles.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Veolia</a></h3>


Veolia, with over 85,000 customers nationwide, Veolia aids businesses in Nottingham in managing their recycling, waste removal, and disposal needs.

Veolia have offices in Freeth St, Nottingham, ready to help customers with their commercial waste needs.

Regardless of size, they collaborate with clients to implement environmentally conscious waste management strategies beneficial to both the environment and the business.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Enva</a></h3>


Enva is a nationwide commercial waste provider with 38 facilities across the country.

Enva operates a local recycling centre in Nottingham, located within the Colwick Industrial Estate. This facility serves businesses throughout Nottingham, offering solutions for their waste management requirements.

Enva has a diverse fleet of state-of-the-art collection vehicles, ensuring the safe transportation of general, specialist, and hazardous waste materials.

Enva prioritizes recycling and recovery. It aims to recycle 98% of its commercial waste, minimising the amount of waste going to landfills.

Commercial waste collection with Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council extends waste collection services to businesses in and around Nottingham. Their offerings include general waste collection, confidential waste collection, WEEE (electrical collection), dry-mixed recycling, and bulk waste collection.

They offer options for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or on-demand collections to suit varying needs. Additionally, they provide a convenient bag collection service tailored for businesses grappling with limited commercial waste bin space but generating large volumes of waste.

Through their pre-paid bag collections, businesses can effortlessly schedule agreed times and collection days, utilising as many bags as needed. This service is particularly favoured by smaller sites for its collection flexibility, avoiding the requirement for dedicated bin space.

To obtain a quote for your commercial waste collection or bagged service, contact them at

Source: Nottingham City Council Commercial Services

Commercial recycling centres in Nottingham

Commercial waste disposal is prohibited at all household recycling centres across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Small business owners are able to dispose of commercial waste at the nearby Veolia site in Newark.

  • Newark Transfer Station, Brunel Drive, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire NG24 2EG

(Please note the Transfer Station is opposite the Recycling Centre. Once you have turned off Brunel Drive, proceed left.)

You must complete their online booking form here and await confirmation before arriving at the site.

They accept:

  • Non-recyclable waste (non-hazardous waste excluding plasterboard, canisters, asbestos, gas bottles, paint, chemicals, fire extinguishers, batteries, glass, tyres, electrical appliances, clinical waste, waste upholstered domestic seating, wastes comprised mainly of liquids, sludges or dusts)
  • Clean cardboard

Payment for the service will be required on the day via credit or debit card (no cash sales). The cost for disposing of non-recyclable waste is £225.56 per tonne, and disposing of cardboard is free of charge.

Source: Veolia Nottinghamshire

⚠️ Businesses transporting waste must be registered with a waste carrier licence. Register a carrier licence here.

The waste transfer stations above will provide you with a Waste Transfer Note for any business waste you bring, allowing your company to demonstrate its compliance with commercial waste regulations.


Commercial waste collection services in Nottingham

One of the things that Nottingham is famous for is Robin Hood and his Merry Men and their arch-enemy, the Sherriff of Nottingham. With winding paths of Sherwood Forest and the historical Nottingham castle, you can really get a feel for the legendary tales.

Our experts specialise in gathering quotes for various commercial waste collection services tailored for businesses in the Nottingham area. Explore the specialised services below.

<h3 id="Recycling">Commercial recycling services in Nottingham</h3>

Commercial recycling services in Nottingham

Commercial recycling encompasses various materials, including dry-mixed recycling, glass recycling, paper, cardboard, plastics, and metals.

Both council and national collection services offering their services in Northampton can collect these types of recycling.

Businesses can benefit from commercial recycling by reducing waste sent to landfills, conserving natural resources, and lowering their carbon footprint.

Implementing effective recycling programs also helps businesses meet sustainability goals, reduce waste disposal costs, and enhance their corporate image.

<h3>One-off commercial waste collection in Nottingham</h3>

One-off commercial waste collection in Nottingham

Businesses sometimes need a one-off waste collection for various reasons. Maybe they’re hosting a big event like the Robin Hood beer festival. Or perhaps they’re doing a big clear-out or renovation and need to get rid of a bunch of waste all at once.

Businesses might also need a one-off collection to deal with specific types of waste, like hazardous materials, to make sure they’re following the rules and being responsible.

We have found Junk Porters, a Nottingham-based company offering an alternative to skip hire for business in Nottingham.

<h3 id="hazardous">Hazardous waste collection in Nottingham</h3>

Hazardous waste collection in Nottingham

Hazardous waste from businesses includes chemicals, solvents, and electronic equipment that pose risks to health and the environment.

Healthcare facilities like Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham produce clinical waste and must ensure proper disposal of their hazardous waste to prevent contamination and comply with regulations.

This includes adhering to strict protocols for the safe handling and disposal of clinical waste, ensuring the protection of both public health and the environment.

Use our hazardous waste collection service to request quotes for your business.

<h3>Commercial food waste collection in Nottingham</h3>

Commercial food waste collection in Nottingham

Commercial food waste collection services offer businesses a convenient and sustainable solution for managing food waste. These services typically involve the scheduled collection of food scraps, leftovers, and expired products from businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, and food processing facilities.

By utilising commercial food waste collection, businesses can divert organic waste from landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting environmental sustainability. Food waste collected through these services is often transported to specialised facilities where it can be composted, anaerobically digested, or converted into renewable energy through processes like biogas production.

Local firm Flame UK, offers a local food waste collection service to businesses in Nottingham.

Nottingham Forest waste management

Founded in 1865, Nottingham Forest FC is one of the oldest football clubs in England. The club has a rich history, having won the English league title, two European Cups, and numerous domestic trophies.

Nottingham Forest FC sets a strong example for other businesses in Nottingham when it comes to effective waste management.

The club conducted a thorough waste management review, including an external audit, to address concerns regarding waste handling. As a result, new bins have been introduced across club sites, covering various waste streams such as food waste, general waste, green waste, mixed glass, and mixed recycling.

Notably, mixed recycling accounted for 25% of waste during the initial four months of the new contract.

The club achieved a significant milestone by diverting 100% of waste from club sites away from landfills, a feat of which they are immensely proud.

The breakdown of waste from club sites between October 2023 and January 2024 was as follows: 2% anaerobic digestion (AD), 5% composting, 31% recycled, and 62% RDF waste to energy. Importantly, no waste ended up in landfills during this time, saving the club from paying any landfill tax.

Source: Nottingham FC Sustainability.