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Commercial waste collection providers in Portsmouth

Portsmouth, on the southern coast of England, is a historic maritime city renowned for its rich naval heritage and vibrant cultural scene.

Businesses in Portsmouth enjoy a variety of choices for their commercial waste collection services. Our team of specialists in business waste has created a list showcasing the top waste providers in the Portsmouth region.

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<h3><a href="https://wasteclearanceportsmouth.co.uk/commercial-waste-clearance-portsmouth/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">A&D Recycling Solutions</a></h3>

A&D Recycling Solutions

A&D Recycling Solutions provides comprehensive commercial waste collection services tailored to the needs of businesses in Portsmouth. Run by a dedicated husband and wife duo with five years of experience in the industry, their primary goal is to divert 90% of waste away from landfills. They specialise in the collection and responsible disposal of scrap metal.

<h3><a href="https://ghsrecycling.co.uk/services/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">GHS Recycling</a></h3>

GHS Recycling

With over 30 years of experience in the recycling industry, GHS Recycling is an independent, family-run business specialising in recycling and waste management. Based in Portsmouth, they operate throughout the south of England. Their services encompass commercial confidential waste disposal and shredding, paper waste management, cardboard recycling, and plastic recycling.

<h3><a href="https://www.tj-waste.co.uk/commercial-waste-management-2/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">TJ Waste</a></h3>

TJ Waste

TJ Waste provides comprehensive commercial waste management solutions to businesses in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. Operating two material recovery facilities, one located on Quartremaine Road and the other at Pond Yard, they assist local businesses in reducing their carbon footprint through efficient commercial waste collection services.

<h3><a href="https://www.grundon.com/depot/ford/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Grundon</a></h3>


Grundon has been offering commercial waste services since 1929. Their local depot in Airfield Industrial Estate, Arundel, services the business of Portsmouth and the surrounding areas with their specialist fleet of CarbonNeutral vehicles to ensure sustainable waste collection.

<h3><a href="https://www.sorecycle.co.uk/introducing-so-recycle/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">SO Recycling</a></h3>

SO Recycling

SO Recycling offers commercial waste disposal services to businesses in Portsmouth. They specialise in cardboard/paper and plastic recycling, processing thousands of tonnes annually at their state-of-the-art recycling facility in Romsey.

Commercial waste collection with Portsmouth City Council

Portsmouth City Council does not provide any commercial waste services to local businesses

Therefore, businesses in Portsmouth must engage with either local or national commercial waste providers to fulfil their waste management needs and comply with commercial waste regulations.

Source: Portsmouth City Council

Commercial recycling centres in Portsmouth

Small and medium-sized businesses in Portsmouth with a waste carriers licence can now take trade/commercial waste to the household waste and recycling centre in Portsmouth suburb Port Solent.

  • Paulsgrove Portway, Port Solent, PO6 4UD – Telephone: 02392 387015

Businesses may deposit all waste types except for the following:

  • cement bonded asbestos
  • electronic and electrical equipment, including fridges and monitors, except for small domestic appliances, such as toasters, kettles, hairdryers etc
  • batteries
  • fluorescent lighting tubes
  • hazardous paint (denoted by the orange hazardous symbol)
  • hazardous substances or chemicals

The cost to dispose of commercial waste will depend on the amount and type of waste. Example charges provided by the site contractor (Veolia UK) based on a full load of non-recyclable residual waste are shown in the table below.

For more information on charges, email Veolia at uk.hampshire.hwrcs@veolia.com or phone 0203 567 4440.

Recycled and segregated waste streams typically incur lower charges.

ACars/Estate Cars£35
BSmall Vans (Car Derived eg Astra van/Escort van)£50
DMedium Van 1- 2 tonnes (ie Peugeot Boxer/Vauxhall Vivaro)£120
ELarge Van up to 3 tonnes(ie Transit)£200
FXL Van up to 3.5 tonnes (ie Luton/Hightop)£280
GSmall Trailer (less than 6 foot in length)£35
HMedium Trailer (6–8 foot in length)£50
ILarge Trailer (8–10 foot in length)£80
Plasterboard£10 per sheet

⚠️Each vehicle type has a minimum charge equivalent to a half load.

Source: Trade Waste Recycling Centres – Hampshire County Council

The waste transfer station above will provide you with a Waste Transfer Note for any business waste you bring, allowing your company to demonstrate its compliance with commercial waste regulations.

Businesses in Portsmouth can also dispose of their business waste at facilities near Southampton. You can read more about this on our Southampton page.

Commercial waste collection services in Portsmouth

Portsmouth holds a significant place in British naval history as the birthplace of the Royal Navy. The city’s iconic Historic Dockyard showcases this heritage, offering visitors a glimpse into the past with attractions such as the HMS Victory, Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar, and the Mary Rose, Henry VIII’s prized warship.

Our waste experts can help maritime institutions and all other businesses in Portsmouth by gathering quotes from local commercial waste collection services

Explore the specialised services below.

<h3 id="Recycling">Commercial recycling services in Portsmouth</h3>

Commercial recycling services in Portsmouth

According to a study by Portsmouth University, Portsmouth’s kerbside recycling collection system is limited. Only paper, cards, plastic bottles, metal cans, tins, and aerosols are currently being recycled.

The city’s current recycling rate for all waste is 24.7%, one of the lowest in the UK and significantly lower than the national average of 46.2%.

Source: Portsmouth University

Happily both local and national private waste providers offer businesses in Portsmouth with dedicated recycling services. These encompass separate commercial waste bins and collections for dry-mixed recycling, glass recycling and cardboard recycling.

<h3>One-off commercial waste collection in Portsmouth</h3>

One-off commercial waste collection in Portsmouth

Businesses in Portsmouth may require a one-off commercial waste collection for various reasons. This could include hosting special events like the Victorious Festival, renovations and office clear-outs, or simply coping with seasonal fluctuations in waste production.

One-off collections allow businesses to manage temporary spikes in waste production or address specific waste disposal needs efficiently and promptly.

Our experts have found the following trusted providers offering one-off commercial waste collection.

<h3>Commercial skip hire in Portsmouth</h3>

Commercial skip hire in Portsmouth

Businesses in Portsmouth often require skip-hire services.

Skips provide a convenient and efficient way to manage waste generated from various activities such as renovations, construction projects, office clear-outs, and events.

Using skip hire, businesses in Portsmouth can efficiently dispose of large volumes of waste materials, including construction debris, office furniture, packaging materials, and other non-hazardous waste.

Take a look below at local Portsmouth skip-hire providers.

<h3 id="hazardous">Hazardous waste collection in Portsmouth</h3>

Hazardous waste collection in Portsmouth

Businesses in Portsmouth need specialised hazardous waste collection services primarily due to the potential risks associated with handling and disposing of hazardous materials.

Businesses like Portsmouth’s maritime industry produce various types of hazardous waste, including oils, paints, solvents, chemicals, asbestos, heavy metals, contaminated ballast water, and materials from ship dismantling activities.

These require careful management and disposal to mitigate environmental and health risks.

Hazardous waste can pose significant health and environmental hazards if not managed properly.

Specialised collection services ensure compliance with strict regulations governing the safe handling, transportation, and disposal of hazardous waste materials.

Our experts have located the below Hazardous waste collection providers:

National waste collection providers operating in Portsmouth

Two major commercial waste providers offer their services to businesses in Portsmouth, utilising their dedicated local waste facilities. Below, you will find information about their services in close proximity to Portsmouth:

Biffa’s commercial waste collections in Portsmouth

On 21 June 2023, Portsmouth City Council decided to end its 12-year contract with Biffa for household waste and instead opt for in-house services from March 2024.

Although Biffa may not provide household waste collections, they still offer a comprehensive range of commercial waste collection services to businesses in Portsmouth, including general collections, skip hire and asbestos material removal. With a diverse array of offerings, they address the varied waste management needs of businesses in the area.

Biffa employs over 250 staff members in the South of England and dealt with over 129 thousand tonnes of waste in 2022.

Biffa operates a material recovery facility at Hounsdown Business Park on Newman Copse Road and a transfer station in Marchwood, which enhances its operational capabilities.

Source: Biffa

Veolia’s commercial waste collections in Portsmouth

Veolia has a waste depot in Dundas Spur, Copnor, offering local Portsmouth businesses commercial waste services.

They cover all your business commercial waste disposal needs, including general waste collection, dry-mixed recycling, glass recycling, and commercial food waste collection.

Veolia’s Energy Recovery Facility (ERF), located at Quartremaine Road, is a crucial asset. It generates enough electricity to power around 20,600 local homes.

This highlights their commitment to sustainability and renewable energy initiatives, further enhancing their contributions to the Southampton community.

Source: Veolia

Portsmouth University Waste Management

Portsmouth University is home to over 25,000 students enrolled in various undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

One of their strategic priorities is to become one of the UK’s leading universities in environmental sustainability, and waste management is a key part of that strategy.

Since 2011, the University has increased its recycling rate from 40% to 70%. The recycling programme implemented by the university plays a crucial role in diverting valuable materials from landfills. Any non-recyclable waste collected is directed to an energy recovery facility, which is processed to generate electricity.

The university monitors waste management practices through microchip technology embedded in wheelie bins. These tagged bins enable data collection regarding waste volume and frequency of emptying, facilitating the calculation of recycling rates.

By maximising recycling efforts, the university not only saves money but also minimises the environmental impact of its waste.

As part of the university’s recycling programme, they operate separate bins for recycling, food, liquids, and batteries, which have been installed across the campus.

The university’s contractor, Suez, extracts non-recyclable items and transports them to their materials recycling facility near Bristol for sorting and processing.

The waste is then managed through different methods: food waste undergoes anaerobic digestion, while general waste, which includes recycling contaminated with food or liquid, is sent to a waste-to-energy plant.

They have taken recycling to the next level by eliminating single-use plastic from products sold on campus cafes, as well as ensuring that their graduation gowns are made from 70% recycled polyester, which is manufactured from recycled plastic waste.

Every gown contains a minimum of 550g of recycled plastic waste, which equates to around 30 plastic bottles (500ml).

Source: University of Portsmouth