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Commercial waste collection providers in Southampton

Southampton is a vibrant city located on the South coast of England, in the county of Hampshire. It is known for its rich maritime history, bustling port, and cultural attractions.

Businesses in Southampton have access to a diverse array of options for their commercial waste management needs. Our expert team specialising in business waste has compiled a comprehensive list featuring the best waste service providers in the Southampton area.

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<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">R Collard</a></h3>

R Collard

R Collard was founded in 1994; they are proud to say that 98% of their waste is diverted from landfills and has a processing capacity of 1 million tonnes. They achieve this remarkable diversion rate at their nine national recycling facilities.

<h3><a href=" target="_blank" rel="noopener">GHS Recycling</a></h3>

GHS Recycling

GHS Recycling is a family-run and independent recycling and waste management company based in Portsmouth. They operate throughout South England and specialise in confidential data destruction, commercial dry mixed recycling, and cardboard recycling in Southampton.

<h3><a href=" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Waste Away Southern</a></h3>

Waste Away Southern

Waste Away Southern provides commercial waste disposal services to businesses in Southampton.

They offer their customers free commercial waste bins and a waste audit to verify customers’ required services. From e-waste to plastic waste and Hazardous Waste, they provide a range of commercial waste services to their customers.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">TJ Waste</a></h3>

TJ Waste

TJ Waste is a local commercial waste provider offering services to businesses in the Southern Region of England. They operate a material recovery facility at Dibles Wharf, Belvidere Road in Southampton.

The facility is close to the M27, making it the perfect location for Warsash and Bitterne customers needing commercial waste disposal.

Commercial waste collection with Southampton City Council

Southampton City Council offers regular commercial waste collections for businesses in the city. Their service includes regular collections of:

  • General business waste (240 – 1,100 litre bins)
  • Mixed recycling (240 – 1,000 litre bins)
  • Glass recycling (240 litre bin or HIAB pods)

Southampton City Council offers competitive prices and discounts for direct debit payments.

For more information and to get a collection quote visit: Southampton City Council

💡The costs offered by council-run waste services are often uncompetitive. Compare Southampton business waste quotes today to find the best deal.

Southampton trade sack service

Southampton City Council offer a trade sack service for irregular pick-ups of business waste or if you don’t have space for a commercial waste bin at your property.

Sacks come in rolls of 25, and the cost per roll is:

  • Residual (normal) waste: £94.96 per roll (£3.80 per sack).
  • Recycling (dry mixed recycling): £64.82 per roll (£2.59 per sack).

These can be ordered using their online ordering system here.

Commercial recycling centres in Southampton

Hampshire County Council operate recycling centres in Southampton that businesses can use at the following addresses:

💡It’s necessary to book in advance. Click the links above for the council’s online booking system and the specific list of waste types accepted at each site.

⚠️ Businesses transporting waste must be registered with a waste carrier licence. Register a carrier licence here.

The waste transfer stations above will provide you with a Waste Transfer Note for any business waste you bring, allowing your company to demonstrate its compliance with commercial waste regulations.


Hampshire commercial waste disposal costs

The cost will vary depending on the quantity and type of waste. The example charges provided by the site contractor (Veolia) are based on a full load of non-recyclable residual waste outlined in the table below.

Recycled and segregated waste streams typically incur lower charges.

Please be aware that each vehicle type has a minimum charge equivalent to a half load.

For further details on charges, please get in touch with Veolia via email at

ACars/Estate Cars£35
BSmall Vans (Car Derived eg Astra van/Escort van)£50
DMedium Van 1- 2 tonnes (ie Peugeot Boxer/Vauxhall Vivaro)£120
ELarge Van up to 3 tonnes(ie Transit)£200
FXL Van up to 3.5 tonnes (ie Luton/Hightop)£280
GSmall Trailer (less than 6 foot in length)£35
HMedium Trailer (6–8 foot in length)£50
ILarge Trailer (8–10 foot in length)£80
Plasterboard£10 per sheet

Source: Trade Waste Recycling Centres – Hampshire County Council

Commercial waste collection services in Southampton

Being one of the largest cities in the South East, Southampton presents a vibrant blend of cultural diversity, contemporary conveniences, and significant historical sites. The city’s rich history is reflected in landmarks like the medieval Bargate and the renowned Tudor House Museum, each providing captivating insights into Southampton’s intriguing past and enriching its bustling streets.

Our experts specialise in gathering quotes for various commercial waste collection services tailored to businesses in the Southampton area.

Click on the service below to explore how we can help you improve your commercial waste management strategies.

<h3 id="hazardous">Hazardous waste collection in Southampton</h3>

Hazardous waste collection in Southampton

Businesses in the UK must dispose of hazardous waste properly to comply with legal regulations and to protect public health and the environment.

Hazardous waste poses significant risks if not managed and disposed of correctly. Improper disposal can lead to soil, water, and air contamination, harming ecosystems, wildlife, and human health.

As well as the below national providers that offer hazardous waste collection, we have also found HWM Group, which is offering its services to businesses in Southampton.

<h3 id="Recycling">Commercial recycling services in Southampton</h3>

Commercial recycling services in Southampton

Commercial recycling in Southampton includes commercial dry mixed recycling, glass recycling, cardboard recycling and general recycling services.

Both local and national collection services offering their services in Southampton can collect these types of recycling.

According to Southampton City Council’s waste improvement plan, the current recycling rate in the city is 27%. They aim to achieve the following by 2027:

  • Increase recycling rate above 50% by 2027.
  • Improve the customer experience by reducing operational inefficiencies
  • Work with partners to encourage and enforce responsible waste behaviours in all settings across the city.

Source: Southampton waste management improvement plan.

<h2>E-waste disposal Southampton</h2>

E-waste disposal Southampton

Big tech companies like Garmin, located in Hounsdown Business Park Southampton, use an e-waste collection service to comply with UK environmental regulations, such as the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive, which mandates the proper disposal and recycling of e-waste to prevent environmental damage.

Commercial WEEE collection helps ensure data security by securely destroying sensitive information on electronic devices.

<h2>Confidential waste disposal Southampton</h2>

Confidential waste disposal Southampton

Southampton’s law firms and other companies that handle confidential waste, like Irwin Mitchell, require a confidential waste collection service to securely manage and dispose of sensitive documents and data, ensuring compliance with data protection laws such as the UK’s Data Protection Act.

Confidential waste collections service helps prevent data breaches and identity theft by providing secure shredding and disposal solutions.

National waste collection providers operating in Southampton

The UK’s largest commercial waste providers extend their services to businesses in Southampton, leveraging their dedicated local waste facilities. Below, you’ll find relevant information about their service offerings in proximity to Southampton:

Biffa’s commercial waste collections in Southampton

Biffa provides comprehensive commercial waste collection services to businesses in Southampton, ranging from general collections to skip hire and asbestos material removal. With a wide array of offerings, they cater to the diverse waste management needs of businesses in the area.

Biffa’s commitment to service excellence is evident through its substantial presence in the Southern region, boasting over 250 staff members. In 2022 alone, they handled an impressive 129,116 tonnes of material, with a particular focus on plastic, amounting to 503 tonnes.

Biffa operates a material recovery facility at Hounsdown Business Park on Newman Copse Road and a transfer station located in Marchwood to support their operations.

These facilities enable Biffa to deliver efficient and sustainable waste management solutions to businesses throughout Southampton.

Source: Biffa

Veolia’s commercial waste collections in Southampton

Veolia provides commercial waste collection services covering the Southampton region and managing household waste sites in Southampton and Hampshire.

Their presence ensures comprehensive waste management solutions for both businesses and residents alike.

Veolia operates a waste transfer station on Bury Road, facilitating efficient waste movement for processing and disposal. Additionally, they have a material recovery facility located in Marchwood, enabling the sorting and recycling of various materials to minimise landfill usage.

Veolia’s Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) is a crucial asset, generating enough electricity to power over 53,000 local homes.

This highlights their commitment to sustainability and renewable energy initiatives, further enhancing their contributions to the Southampton community.

Source: Veolia

Business waste in Southampton

Waste management is crucial in Southampton. It supports the city’s port activities and other sectors by providing tailored solutions that improve efficiency and promote sustainability.

Explore how specialised waste management practices are vital for sustainable and efficient Southampton.

<h3>Office waste management Southampton</h3>

Office waste management Southampton

Southampton, a port city on England’s south coast, is renowned for its thriving commercial sectors and cultural heritage. It hosts a variety of businesses, including major offices like Carnival UK, MOSL and B&Q’s headquarters, within its dynamic city centre.

Office waste management services in Southampton provide tailored solutions for these corporate environments. Offerings typically include regular recycling of office materials, confidential document destruction, and general waste disposal.

<h3>Restaurant waste collection Southampton</h3>

Restaurant waste collection Southampton

Southampton’s culinary scene is as diverse as its maritime history. It features a wide range of restaurants, from seaside eateries like The Jetty at Ocean Village to city centre dining spots like The Oxford Brasserie.

Waste management services for these restaurants are crucial for maintaining hygiene and operational standards.

Restaurant waste providers specialise in collecting general waste, used cooking oils, and recyclables, helping establishments manage their environmental impact while complying with health regulations.

<h3>Pub waste management Southampton</h3>

Pub waste management Southampton

With its rich historical tapestry, Southampton boasts numerous pubs central to its social life, such as The Dancing Man Brewery and The Red Lion.

Managing waste in these establishments is vital for maintaining public health and environmental standards.

Pub waste management services cater specifically to pubs by offering frequent glass recycling, general waste disposal, and food waste collection, ensuring that these cherished venues remain clean and sustainable.

<h3>Boat waste management Southampton</h3>

Boat waste management Southampton

Given Southampton’s status as a major port city, boat waste management is critical. The local marinas, such as Ocean Village and Hamble Point Marina, and private docks see many vessels requiring specialised waste disposal solutions.

Boat waste services include collecting bilge water, recycling marine oil, and disposing of solid waste, helping to protect the marine environment while supporting the boating community.

<h3>Gym waste management Southampton</h3>

Gym waste management Southampton

The gym sector in Southampton includes numerous gyms and sports facilities, such as PureGym Southampton Central and David Lloyd Clubs, which generate specific types of waste.

Gym waste management companies provide services tailored to these environments, including disposing of worn-out gym equipment, recycling plastic consumables, and managing towel waste, all aimed at maintaining cleanliness and sustainability in fitness settings.

<h3>School waste management in Southampton</h3>

School waste management in Southampton

Southampton is known for its educational institutions, ranging from primary schools like Portswood Primary School to prestigious universities such as the University of Southampton. Schools and colleges face challenges in managing school waste efficiently.

School waste management services offered by waste firms in Southampton provide specialised programmes tailored to educational settings.

These include collecting paper and cardboard recycling, disposal of electronic waste from classrooms, and general waste management.

Westquay Southampton Shopping Centre sustainability practices

Westquay Shopping Centre in Southampton is a premier retail destination offering over 100 stores, including popular high street and luxury brands. With diverse dining options and entertainment facilities such as a cinema complex, it provides a dynamic experience for visitors of all ages. Conveniently located and easily accessible, Westquay is a vibrant hub for shopping, dining, and leisure activities in the heart of Southampton.

Westquay operates under the management of Hammerson. Their business mission focuses on creating retail destinations that generate net positive economic, social, and environmental impacts through innovative design, operational efficiency, and a commitment to respect and responsibility.

Westquay serves as a prime example of how local businesses can make positive environmental strides by deploying an effective waste management strategy.

By 2030, Westquay aims to become a Net Positive company across carbon emissions, resource use, water consumption, and socio-economic impacts.

Their current sustainability statistics are:

  • Recycling: Achieved a 52% recycling rate, with 645 tonnes of waste recycled, comparable to the weight of 3 blue whales.
  • Energy consumption: Electricity usage totalled 4,339,765 kWh, marking an 18% reduction from 2019, equivalent to supplying energy for 305 houses.
  • Water usage: Saw a significant decrease of -54%, equivalent to the savings of 6 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Source: Westquay Shopping Centre