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Ben Brading

Ben Brading ACA, BSc (hons), ARCS.Ben is an expert in digital comparison services. Ben is a qualified accountant and has ten years of experience working in finance for high-growth tech companies, including uSwitch, Cazoo and Zoopla. Ben holds a degree in Physics from Imperial College London, recently ranked the sixth best university in the world.ACA, Chartered Accountant, ICAEW,BSc (hons),Imperial College of LondonAssociate of the Royal College of ScienceLinkedIn profile

What is commercial waste What is classed as commercial waste?

‘Commercial waste’ is a common phrase in the waste industry, so much so that we’ve incorporated it into the name of our company. A lot of people are confused about what is classified as commercial waste and why it matters. The primary importance is: Local councils in Britain must collect and dispose of household waste…

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