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Commercial waste collection providers in Surrey

Surrey, renowned for its picturesque landscapes, historic charm, and vibrant cultural scene, provides a plethora of captivating experiences for visitors.

Businesses in Surrey have a diverse range of options for commercial waste services, with some local borough councils offering their own commercial waste collections.

Our team of business waste specialists has compiled a list featuring the leading waste providers in the county of Surrey.

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<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Country Style Recycling</a></h3>

Country Style Recycling

Country Style Recycling provides commercial waste collection services that cover the Surrey area. They operate recycling centres in Ridham and Thetford. The company delivers a dependable service aimed at minimising environmental impact.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Surrey Waste Removal</a></h3>

Surrey Waste Removal

Surrey Waste Removal provide commercial waste collection services in the Surrey area, specialising in office clearance. As part of their service, they offer commercial waste bins free of charge.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Wilrose Environmental</a></h3>

Wilrose Environmental

Wilrose Environmental offers commercial waste collection services across various locations in the Surrey area. They provide general waste and recycling services, with collections available 7 days a week. Impressively, they divert 98% of waste from landfill.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Brooklands Waste Truck</a></h3>

Brooklands Waste Truck

Brooklands Waste Truck provides commercial waste collection services in Surrey. As a family-run business with over 40 years of industry experience, they operate on a pay-as-you-go commercial waste collection cost model.

Commercial waste collection with Surrey County Council

In Surrey, five local boroughs offer commercial waste collection services, and it’s noteworthy that collections are VAT-exempt through all boroughs.

These include:

  • Epsom and Ewell Borough Council provide a commercial waste collection service tailored for businesses called Business Bins. They offer both general waste and business recycling collections at competitive prices.
  • Guildford Borough Council provides commercial waste collection services for businesses located in Guildford. They offer both general and recycling collections for businesses.
  • Reigate and Banstead Borough Council offer commercial waste collection services for businesses in their borough. They provide both weekly and fortnightly paper and cardboard collection services, in addition to general refuse collection.
  • Runnymede Borough Council offers commercial waste collection services for businesses in their borough. They provide general waste and recycling collections; however, it’s important to note that they cannot collect commercial hazardous waste, construction waste, and liquids.
  • Spelthorne Borough Council provides commercial waste collection services for businesses in the borough of Spelthorne. They offer various collection services, including general waste, commercial dry mixed recycling, and commercial food waste collections.

These boroughs ensure efficient waste management practices and support local businesses’ commitment to sustainability and responsible waste disposal.

Commercial waste recycling centres in Surrey

It is against the law to dispose of business waste at any of the Surrey County Council household waste recycling centres.

However, Surrey County Council does have three waste transfer stations that offer a paid disposal option for local businesses. These stations are located at:

  • Epsom – Blenheim Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 9DL​
  • Guildford – Moorfield Road, Slyfield Green Industrial Estate, Guildford, Surrey GU1 1RU
  • Mole Valley – Randalls Road, Leatherhead. Surrey KT22 0BA

⚠️ Businesses that transport their own waste must be registered with a waste carrier licence. Register a carrier licence here.

The waste transfer stations above will provide you with a Waste Transfer Note for any business waste you bring, allowing your company to demonstrate its compliance with commercial waste regulations.

Surrey Council commercial waste disposal costs

The table below shows the charges set by SUEZ Surrey and excludes VAT for commercial waste disposal.

MaterialRate per tonneMinimum Charge
Commercial - Non Hazardous Waste£169 (Epsom, Leatherhead) £175 (Slyfield)500kg
Inert (bricks, hardcore)£65500kg
Wood (All grades - A, B, C)£100 (Epsom ) £90 (Leatherhead and Slyfield)500kg
Green waste (No large tree trunks)£70500kg
Cardboard and mixed paper£20No minimum charge
Mixed glass£30500kg
Mattresses£35Per Unit - No minimum
Commercial fridge/freezers
£250 (accepted Slyfield only)
Per Unit - No minimum
Small WEEE£40 (accepted Leatherhead and Slyfield only)Per Unit - No minimum
Car tyres£10Per Unit - No minimum
Public weighing£25Per vehicle

Source: Surrey County Council

Commercial waste collection services in Surrey

Our team can get prices for different commercial waste collection services for businesses in Surrey. Find out below how we can improve your commercial waste management plans.

<h3 id="Recycling">Commercial recycling services in Surrey</h3>

Commercial recycling services in Surrey

Commercial recycling, such as commercial dry mixed recycling and commercial glass recycling, aids in conserving natural resources by decreasing the demand for raw materials.

Materials like paper, plastic, glass, and metal can be recycled to produce new goods.

Both local and national collection providers offer their services in Surrey and can collect these types of recycling.

<h3>One-off commercial waste collection in Surrey</h3>

One-off commercial waste collection in Surrey

For businesses in Surrey, there are occasions when a one-off commercial waste collection service is needed. This typically occurs after significant events like clear-outs or refurbishment projects.

During these periods, businesses often gather a larger-than-usual amount of waste materials that need appropriate disposal.

Our experts recommend Fairmile Waste, which provides a comprehensive range of commercial clearances, catering to various sectors such as retail, restaurants and healthcare.

<h3 id="hazardous">Hazardous waste collection in Surrey </h3>

Hazardous waste collection in Surrey

Ensuring proper disposal of hazardous waste is crucial for businesses because of the risks it poses to human health and the environment, such as pollution and negative health impacts.

Businesses must adhere to stringent regulations to fulfil legal obligations and mitigate the risk of facing penalties.

Our experts have found WGS Waste Management, which offers Surrey a local hazardous waste collection and disposal service.

<h3>Commercial skip hire in Surrey</h3>

Commercial skip hire in Surrey

Commercial skip hire services offer businesses in Surrey a convenient and effective solution for managing their waste disposal requirements.

Whether it’s a construction site, a retail establishment, or an office refurbishment project, businesses generate a variety of waste types that necessitate proper handling and disposal.

Our experts have found the below providers offering commercial skip hire:

Epsom Skip Hire: offers businesses in Epsom and the local areas a local skip hire service.
PM Skips:  a family-run business with over 35 years in the industry, offering skip hire to businesses in Surrey and the surrounding areas.

National waste collection providers operating in Surrey

The three largest commercial waste providers extend their services to businesses in Surrey, utilising their dedicated local waste facilities. Here’s information regarding their service offerings and locations in the county of Surrey:

Biffa commercial waste collections in Surrey

Biffa, a prominent waste management company, provides a wide array of services throughout the UK, encompassing recycling, food, hazardous, and general waste collection and disposal. With multiple operational sites strategically located across the South East of England,

Biffa ensures comprehensive coverage when delivering efficient waste management solutions. In 2022, they handled 22,184 tonnes of plastic waste and 9 million tonnes of waste in the South East.

Biffa operates a waste disposal site at Walton-on-Thames, allowing them to extend their commercial waste collection services across the wider Surrey area.

Website: Biffa Commercial Waste for SMEs.

Veolia commercial waste collections in Surrey

Veolia is a prominent national waste management company with comprehensive coverage across the UK. Their diverse services include dry mixed recycling, food waste disposal, glass recycling, coffee cup recycling, and hazardous waste collection, among others.

With numerous operational sites strategically positioned throughout the country, businesses in Surrey benefit from Veolia’s extensive waste management solutions.

Veolia operates a site in Surrey at Beddington Farm Road, Croydon. This strategic location allows Veolia to efficiently serve businesses and communities in Surrey, contributing to effective and sustainable waste management practices in the region.

Website: Veolia commercial waste collection.

Suez commercial waste collections in Surrey

Suez operates in collaboration with Surrey County Council with a shared goal of reducing landfill-bound waste. As part of this commitment, they are constructing Surrey’s Eco Park, a facility designed to treat food waste countywide, converting it into energy capable of powering over 8,000 homes upon completion.

Suez offers a range of commercial waste collection services across Surrey and has strategically positioned three waste transfer sites near Leatherhead to provide these services.

Website: Suez commercial waste collection.

Hampton Court Palace waste management

In partnership with their cleaning contractors, Hampton Court Palace, part of Historic Palaces (HRP), ensures a zero-to-landfill approach, demonstrating a commitment to advancing waste management practices.

They prioritise reuse and recycling wherever feasible, alongside alternative recovery methods for non-recyclable items.

As Hampton Court Palace experiences growth and welcomes increasing numbers of visitors, waste generation naturally escalates year on year. Their focus on maximising reuse and recycling aligns with broader goals, including reducing carbon emissions.

To meet these objectives, Hampton Court Palace implements a clear waste bin strategy, facilitating effective waste segregation by both employees and visitors.

Introducing a straightforward two-streamed waste bin system in public areas enhances recycling rates, distinguishing between general waste and dry mixed recycling.

Additionally, cardboard from all sites undergoes separate baling and recycling processes at designated facilities.

Their catering concessions have pledged to reduce food and packaging waste, actively participating in the Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP).

Segregated food waste undergoes anaerobic digestion, yielding renewable energy and bio-fertiliser as valuable by-products.

Source: HRP Sustainability