Christian M.

Christian M. is an experienced earth scientist & engineer turned technical copywriter. He is particularly interested in the intersection between technology and waste markets, making him a perfect fit at CWQ. He was an initial investor in the project and recently joined the team in 2022. Christian's LinkedIn profile can be found here.

bots-in-port Boat and ship waste

Can I release my boat’s sewage into the Ocean? Can I toss my dinner leftovers from my canal boat kitchenette into the canal? Can I avoid segregating the waste generated on my passenger cruise? Surprisingly, the answer isn’t always no. This article covers all the shades of waste generated in any vessel and what you…

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Polysterene Cup Polystyrene recycling

Polystyrene is everywhere. Single-use cutlery, CD cases, inside your walls as insulation, you name it. Yet only 1-2% of it is recycled in the UK, with the vast majority ending in landfills or incinerated. Then, a small faction always escapes proper disposal and enters soils and waterways, wreaking environmental havoc. This includes leaching toxic chemicals…

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metal-recycling Metal recycling

The world of metal recycling is fascinating. Not only are there over 20 metals typically found in waste, but this comes from a wide range of unrelated sectors, including marine and aerospace scrap, electronics and batteries, construction waste and aluminium drinks cans. It’s so intricately linked to technology and infrastructure that it keeps growing and…

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QR code From paper to pixels: Waste trends in the digital age

The ‘digital transformation’ is revolutionising how we live and work, leading to significant changes in waste generation and management. For example, businesses are simultaneously generating less waste by going paperless yet producing unprecedented volumes of electronic waste. In this article, we explain how these technological changes affect each relevant waste stream and ultimately try to…

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disposable-coffee-cup Disposable coffee cup recycling

Industrial-scale coffee cup recycling doesn’t exist. Over 99% of the 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups used every year in the UK will end up landfilled or incinerated. The yearly output of coffee cup waste is literally of Titanic proportions, yet the government remains resolute it can completely eliminate their use (or at least provide a…

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incinerator Are incinerators the future of waste management?

The UK government has clear targets to increase recycling and reduce landfilling, yet there has been limited discussion regarding incinerators. While some argue that they are key to reducing landfill waste, avoiding emissions and generating energy, others point out – often more robustly- that they do more harm than good. Incinerators increase emissions and ultimately…

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