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Commercial waste collection providers in Oxfordshire

Businesses in Oxfordshire have various options for their commercial waste collections, including six trusted commercial providers and several services offered by local councils.

This guide aims to provide business owners with all the necessary information to choose their next waste management partner.

We will start our guide with trusted commercial waste providers offering regular collections in Oxfordshire.

<h3><a href="https://www.grundon.com/depot/oxford/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Grundon</a></h3>


Grundon is a family-owned waste management provider founded in 1929. It operates across Southern England and offers a comprehensive suite of waste collection services to Oxfordshire companies from its depot in Wallingford.

<h3><a href="https://simplywastesolutions.co.uk/coverage-areas/waste-collections-oxfordshire/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Simply Waste</a></h3>

Simply Waste

Simply Waste provides regular wheelie bin collections of general business waste and recycling throughout Oxfordshire. Its fleet is at a depot on the Grange Farm Industrial Estate in Little Chesterton, near Bicester.

<h3><a href="https://www.aasvogel.co.uk/commercial-waste-management/commercial-waste-collection/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Aasvogel</a></h3>


Aasvogel is a local waste management provider headquartered in Grove, near Wantage, South Oxfordshire. Aasvogel specialises in one-off commercial waste collection requirements, from just a simple skip to a large roll-on/roll-off commercial waste bin.

<h3><a href="https://www.biffa.co.uk/waste-services-and-products/collection-management/small-businesses" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Biffa</a></h3>


Biffa, the UK’s largest waste management company, has a significant presence in Oxfordshire. From a depot in Abingdon, Biffa provides domestic waste services across South Oxfordshire and the Vale of the White Horse, alongside commercial recycling and waste collections.

<h3><a href="https://www.veolia.co.uk/services/waste-management/commercial-waste-collection" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Veolia</a></h3>


Veolia is a global leader in environmental services, specialising in water, waste, and decarbonisation. Veolia has a corporate office in Abingdon, and its waste management division offers competitive and reliable business waste collections across Oxfordshire.

<h3 id="select"><a href="https://www.selectenviro.co.uk/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Select Enviro</a></h3>

Select Enviro

Select Environmental Services offers bespoke commercial waste collection and recycling services across Berkshire, Oxford, and Northampton. Select provides waste collections to some of Oxford’s biggest organisations, including the University of Oxford.

Commercial waste collection with Oxfordshire County Council

In Oxfordshire, five wards are represented by individual district councils, each responsible for household waste collections in their area.

Some of these councils offer a paid-for commercial waste collection service, while others do not. Here’s a breakdown of the council-operated commercial waste services in Oxfordshire:

Oxfordshire district councilOffers commercial waste collections?Link to service
CherwellOffers general waste, mixed recycling, glass, and commercial food waste collections to businesses in North OxfordCherwell business waste service
Oxford CityNo council service is offered, but the council directs you to the council-owned contractor ODS.ODS Commercial Waste
West OxfordshireOffers general waste, dry mixed recycling, glass, and food waste collections to businesses in West OxfordWest Oxfordshire commercial waste and recycling
South OxfordshireOffers no business waste collection services.N/A
Vale of the White HorseOffers no business waste collection services.N/A

ODS Commercial Waste

ODS is an independent company but is fully owned by Oxford City Council. ODS acts as a contractor for several of the council’s contracts, including:

  • Constructing new homes
  • Highways and parks maintenance
  • Domestic recycling and waste

In addition to servicing over 60,000 homes in Oxfordshire, ODS provides a comprehensive commercial waste collection service. ODS offers regular collections of:

ODS also offers a free business waste audit as part of its onboarding process for new customers to help assess their waste requirements.

For more information, visit: ODS – Business Waste

💡The commercial waste collection costs charged by local councils can often be uncompetitive. Compare waste collection quotes for your business today.

Commercial recycling centres in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire County Council operates several public waste and recycling centres across the county. However, these do not accept commercial waste, with the exception of the recycling centre at Redbridge, Abingdon.

Redbridge Recycling Centre – Old Abingdon Road, Oxford, OX1 4XG

The commercial waste facility at the recycling centre operates independently from the household waste service. To arrange disposal of commercial waste, please call 01865 721464 in advance.

More information: Redbridge Recycling Centre – Oxfordshire County Council.

Alternatively, here are the locations of private Waste Transfer Stations in Oxfordshire that offer commercial waste disposal:

  • M&M Waste Solutions – Worton Park, Yarton, Witney, OX29 4FL
  • Aasvogel – 1 Glenmore Centre, Grove Business Park, Grove, Oxon, OX12 9GN

⚠️ Businesses transporting waste must be registered with a waste carrier licence. Register a carrier licence here.

The waste transfer stations listed above will issue a Waste Transfer Note for any business waste you bring, enabling your company to demonstrate compliance with commercial waste regulations.

Commercial waste collection services in Oxfordshire

The city of Oxford is more than just a university; it’s home to a wide range of companies, including BMW’s Mini manufacturing facility, technology tool provider Oxford Instruments, and Clarkson’s Farm.

Given the wide range of commercial activities, businesses require bespoke waste solutions. Our experts have summarised the options for specialised commercial waste services in Oxfordshire.

<h3 id="Recycling">Commercial recycling services in Oxfordshire</h3>

Commercial recycling services in Oxfordshire

According to the latest government figures, Oxfordshire ranks as one of the top-performing counties in England for recycling, with 58.2% of household waste recycled.

The domestic waste collections in Oxford utilise dry mixed recycling for various types of recyclable waste.

In contrast, businesses can access a much broader range of recycling options. They can arrange for separate collections for individual waste types, reducing cross-contamination of waste and enhancing recycling rates.

The commercial waste providers highlighted in this guide offer an extensive suite of individual recycling options.

<h3>Commercial food waste collection in Oxfordshire</h3>

Commercial food waste collection in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is at the forefront of the UK’s expanding food waste recycling industry, boasting the following facilities:

  • Composting sites in Chipping Norton and Ardley,
  • Anaerobic digestion facilities are in Yarton, Farringdon, and Wallingford.

The commercial waste providers we have outlined in this guide offer separate and regular collections of food waste, which are then transported to one of these facilities for processing.

<h3>Commercial electronic waste disposal in Oxfordshire</h3>

Commercial electronic waste disposal in Oxfordshire

Oxford hosts some of the UK’s leading digital technology companies, many of which have evolved from research undertaken at Oxford University.

To maintain their leading positions in their sectors, these firms must regularly update their IT equipment, inevitably leading to significant volumes of electronic waste.

In Oxfordshire, firms have several options for arranging one-off collections of electronic waste, including:

Oxford University Waste Management Strategy

The city of Oxford is distinguished by the presence of the University of Oxford—one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities.

The university employs approximately 15,000 staff members and encompasses 43 affiliated but independently operated colleges across the city under its collegiate system.

Beyond being a global leader in teaching and research, Oxford University exemplifies a robust waste management policy.

A key aspect of the University’s strategy is the establishment of specific and measurable targets to gauge the success of their policy:

  • Reduce the volume of commercial waste per staff member by 10% by 2025.
  • Achieve a 40% recycling rate for commercial waste volume by 2025.

The strategy emphasises waste prevention, utilising initiatives such as WARPit, which allows staff and students to post or claim unwanted items across the University. This significantly minimises the volume of waste electronic equipment.

To equip colleges and departments with the necessary information, the university maintains an A-Z of recycling webpage that outlines the disposal procedures for each type of waste.

Furthermore, the university employs Select Environmental’s waste impact reporting to assess the effectiveness of their environmental policies.

Source: Oxford University – Waste Management