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Commercial waste collection providers in Sutton

Businesses throughout Sutton, including those in Worcester Park, Cheam, and Carshalton, face a confusing array of choices for commercial waste disposal.

The Sutton Council stipulates that businesses must organise and pay for the collection of their waste and recycling. Our business waste specialists have highlighted the best options for managing commercial waste in Sutton.

We begin our guide by summarising the trusted business waste collection providers offering regular services in Sutton.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Bywaters</a></h3>


Bywaters operates a fleet of ULEZ-compliant, Euro 6 waste collection vehicles that pick up commercial waste and recycling across London. Bywaters offers collections across 11 separate recycling streams to businesses in Sutton.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Biffa</a></h3>


Biffa provides a comprehensive suite of business recycling solutions across London, and Sutton is no exception. The company’s South London headquarters are in Coulsdon, just a few miles south of Sutton.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">First Mile</a></h3>

First Mile

First Mile provides 20 innovative recycling options for commercial waste collections in Sutton. The company collaborates with the Business Improvement District, Successful Sutton, to enhance the recycling rates of workplace waste for local businesses.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Grundon</a></h3>


Grundon provides regular commercial waste and recycling collections across Sutton, sorted and processed at their state-of-the-art materials processing facility in Leatherhead, Surrey. Grundon serves as a partner for large organisations in Sutton, including the Surrey and Borders NHS Partnership.

<h3 id="veolia"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Veolia</a></h3>


Veolia is the exclusive waste provider for the South London Waste Partnership, which encompasses the Borough of Sutton. In addition to domestic waste services, Veolia offers comprehensive commercial waste and recycling collections throughout Sutton.

<h3><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Recorra</a></h3>


Recorra offers business waste management services and completes over 25,000 collections across London each month. For its sustainable waste practices, Recorra has been awarded the Green Apple Awards 2022.

Commercial waste collection with Sutton Borough Council

Sutton Borough Council is responsible for the domestic waste collection service for residents of the local borough. However, the council completely outsources this service to waste provider Veolia.

Sutton Borough Council does not offer commercial waste services directly. Instead, their Trade Waste website encourages you to obtain a quote directly from Veolia.

At Commercial Waste Quotes, we can help you compare quotes from a range of waste collection firms operating in Sutton. To begin, simply enter your postcode above.

Commercial recycling centres in Sutton

Sutton Borough Council operates a recycling centre on Kimpton Park Way; however, businesses are strictly prohibited from using this facility.

For businesses seeking to dispose of their own waste, below is a list of trade waste disposal sites near Sutton:

⚠️ Businesses transporting waste must be registered with a waste carrier licence. Register a carrier licence here.

The business waste disposal sites listed above all charge for waste disposal – with fees based on the type and weight of waste.

Each site will issue a Waste Transfer Note to help your company demonstrate compliance with commercial waste regulations.

💡For a complete list of trade waste disposal sites in the capital, visit our London commercial waste collections page.

Commercial waste collection services in Sutton

Sutton is a hub for a diverse range of businesses, benefiting from strong transport links into Central London.

According to Office for National Statistics (ONS) data, the area is home to over 9,000 registered businesses, with computer consultancy-related activities being the predominant sector.

Given the wide variety of businesses in Sutton, there is a clear need for a range of commercial recycling and waste collection services to cater to the unique demands of each sector.

In this section, we will summarise the key commercial waste collection services available in Sutton:

<h3>Office waste management in Sutton</h3>

Office waste management in Sutton

Sutton’s appeal as a business hub is evident in its attraction of large consultancies and firms, including the accounting firm Mazars and the construction company Ballykelly, which have established their offices in Sutton Plaza.

Large offices in Sutton require comprehensive waste management solutions, including regular collections for general waste, dry mixed recycling, and food waste. The trusted commercial waste providers highlighted earlier are equipped to offer these essential services.

<h3>Commercial garden waste in Sutton</h3>

Commercial garden waste in Sutton

Sutton Council champions a circular economy initiative, where garden waste collected within the borough undergoes treatment to be transformed into compost. The resulting soil conditioner is then made available, free of charge, to residents.

For businesses in Sutton requiring green waste collection services, specialist waste management firms such as Eco Waste Clearance are on hand to provide these essential services.

<h3>Commercial food waste collection in Sutton</h3>

Commercial food waste collection in Sutton

Sutton boasts a diverse array of food options, with international cuisine well-represented. Numerous restaurants offer Indian, Italian, Thai, and Chinese dishes, contributing to the area’s culinary diversity.

Local restaurants can utilise commercial food waste collection services offered by general business waste providers and specialist firms such as Biocollectors.

Waste management at Sutton’s parks

The Borough of Sutton stands out as one of London’s greenest areas, boasting 89 separate parks and green spaces. Among these are:

  • Beddington Park – Originally a deer park for the noble Carew family in the 14th century, Beddington Park spans 58 acres and is celebrated for its picturesque landscapes.
  • Nonsuch Park – Once part of Henry VIII’s hunting grounds, Nonsuch Park encircles the site of the former Nonsuch Palace.
  • Grove Park – Located in Carshalton, this park has a rich history dating back to the 14th century as part of The Grove estate.

Since the pandemic, the influx of visitors to Sutton’s parks has increased, placing greater demand on waste management services.

Sutton Borough Council oversees litter disposal in most of the borough’s parks and has faced rising costs in litter management.

According to a recent Parks for London survey, the cost of waste collection and disposal for London’s parks is estimated to exceed £15 million annually.

Promoting recycling in Sutton’s parks remains a significant challenge. Litter from public waste bins typically ends up either at a waste-to-energy facility or in landfill sites. Signs around the parks encourage visitors to take their litter home to utilise residential recycling services.

Sutton’s parks regularly host events necessitating specialised waste management services from private companies. For instance, Nonsuch Park is the venue for the annual Summerfest festival, which presents unique waste management challenges.

For more detailed information, visit our comprehensive guide to event waste management.

Source: Sutton Parks, Trees and Open Spaces.